Zelle is an online app that can be used either on your phone or computer, and it allows you to easily transfer funds directly from your bank to ECC of SKC’s bank without any fees for either the sender or church. Most major banks support Zelle, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, and USBank. Once you are enrolled in Zelle you can select our special email eccskc.finance@gmail.com to send money directly into our bank account.

Please note that Zelle does have limits on how much money you can transfer. Also note that Zelle was designed for you to transfer money to people and organizations you know and trust. It is not meant to send money to people or companies you do not know and trust.

While some banks may be slightly different, here is a common example of how to use Zelle to transfer funds from your online banking account to ECC of SKC.

Step 1: After logging-in to your online bank account, look for a link or tab for Zelle. Once on that page, choose to transfer money to someone else or a domestic business.

Step 2: If you must choose between in the US and outside the US, choose “in the US.”

Step 3: Choose to use Zelle. There are no fees to send and ECC of SKC is not charged fees to receive.

Step 4: Complete all questions inside the box below. If this is your first time, click on “add email” in the section you choose who to transfer to. In the optional message section, please enter your name in English, so we know who you are. You can also designate which church funds you want to designate your offering to. If no designation is made, your offering will go to the General Fund.

Step 5: For your first time, you will need to complete these questions to identify ECC of SKC. You will identify the church by email, which is eccskc.finance@gmail.com.